Dar-Ul-Hikmah is an alternative and holistic health centre that provides Hijama and Ruqyah services to the community in London. We also provide a range of a natural health products and remedies. Our practitioners have over 10 years of experience in having treated thousands of patients with great success stories. Here at Dar-Ul-Hikmah, you are in the most experienced and capable of hands. We hope to see you soon!


up to 10 cups

Hijama Therapy

Hijama is an ancient and traditional treatment that has been practiced as a medical procedure to seek cure from many illnesses. Hijama is an Arabic word which means wet cupping or bloodletting. Hijama is one of the fastest and most effective ways to detoxify the human body by releasing the accumulated toxins from underneath the skin. It also helps to improve blood circulation and boosts the immune system, as well as helping to cure many health conditions including sports injuries and body aches and pains. Hijama is a safe method of healing and a sunnah, effective for many medical and spiritual conditions. i.e black magic (sihar), evil eye (ayn) and jinn possession/affliction (talabbus/al-mass). It works where other methods have failed!

Our practitioners have a wealth of experience having treated tens of thousands of patients for many years with great success stories.


up to 10 cups

Ruqyah Service

Ruqyah refers to a supplication or reading carried out to seek a cure from illness or other problems. It is done by reading some passages from the Qur’an and or from prophetic supplications.

We provide a completely safe and 100% Qur’anic treatment, using water, honey, black seed oil, olive oil and essential herbs. This includes a holistic assessment, diagnostic and treatment plan.

The service is available for anyone who feels they may suffer from Black Magic (Al-Sihr), Evil Jinn Affliction (Al-mass) and the Evil eye (Al-ayn) and/or blockages in life, health problems, abnormal mental states and nightmares.


up to 10 cups

Health Products

We provide a variety of different types of health products which have been mentioned in the holy Quran and in the prophetic sayings. Some are very rich in nutrients and others help in detoxifying the body.

Please check our Products page to see a full list of our products.


This is the best Hijama clinic I have seen
Very professional experience and humble bother mohamed always with smile.


My experience with Dar Ul Hikmah was an exceptional experience as the brother was very experienced in the treatment of Hijama. Brother Muhammad explained the process the reason why the ummah does Hijama. With regards to ruqya of which I had done the process was also an exceptional experience as it helped me feel a lot better afterwards but always remember shifa is from Allah and we are just a means.

Abid Ali

I attended the Dar Ul Hikmah centre during Ramadam June time. I came for a ruqiah session for an on going problem I been facing, Upon attending my first session some good progression was made more than other ruqiah places I’ve visited which was really beneficial for me. The brother who dealt with me was experienced and had good knowledge in his field. I would visit again if visiting London!

Haris - Birmingham

Alhumdulilah we had a great experience with Darul Hikmah, with Allah Tala’s help and their hard work has helped all my family. May Allah Tala give them barakah in their rizq. Aameen

Umm Uthman

111 Plaistow Road
E15 3ET

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Mob: 07912292267
Tel: 02081441486
Email: info@darulhikmah.co.uk

Shifa (Cure) is only from Allah alone; We are but a means.

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