Ruqyah Therapy

Ruqyah refers to a supplication or reading carried out to seek a cure from illness or other problems. It is done by reading some passages from the Qur’an and or from prophetic supplications.


We provide a completely safe and 100% Qur’anic treatment, using water, honey, black seed oil, olive oil and essential herbs. This includes a holistic assessment, diagnostic and treatment plan.


The service is available for anyone who feels they may suffer from Black Magic (Al-Sihr), Evil Jinn Affliction (Al-mass) and the Evil eye (Al-ayn) and/or the following symptoms:


Repeated hurdles and failures in personal and social life and in one’s career and business affairs. Sterility, husband and wife discord, unable to get married and prolonged family disharmony; feeling that the doors of opportunities and progress are closed.


Health disorders that modern medicine cannot diagnose or cure, including extreme tiredness, unexplained pains, repeated migraines, constant headaches and skin conditions, associated hair loss, pain in the ovaries or womb and impotency.


Obsessive thoughts, depression and anxiety, repeated episodes of anger and irritability, feelings of general restlessness and apathy. Deterioration in faith and belief, which can led to the rejection of religion. Absent mindedness, difficulty in thinking, indecisiveness, poor memory and low confidence.


Feelings of falling from a height, visions of the dead, snakes, dogs, cats, rodents and insects. Frequent erotic dreams and dreams of being pursued or chased, seeing graves, cemetery and dirty places. Frequent disturbed sleep and sleep paralysis.

“And we send down of the Qur’an that which is healing and mercy for the believers…”(17:82)


“And when I am ill, it is He who cures me” (26:80)


Centre Rates

Ruqyah Treatment Duration Price
Ruqyah Session Up to 1.5hrs / 90 Minutes £150
Ruqyah Session Up to 2hrs / 120 Minutes £200
Ruqyah Session Up to 2.5hrs / 150 Minutes £250
Ruqyah Session Up to 3hrs / 180 Minutes £300


Home Visit Rates

An additional fee is applied for home visits this depends on your location.

For those who are interested in the Ruqyah therapy to be done at their home please contact us with your full address for a quote.

* Please note that our charges are per individual. For those who are interested in Group Ruqyah therapy to be done at their home for the entire family please contact us for a quote.

* Please note for anyone who is unable to reach to our centre or we are unable to do home visit due to the distance of his location, we can offer an online Ruqyah service over Face Time, WhatsApp or Skype. Our Centre Rates Charges will be applied for online Ruqyah. Payment must be made prior to the start of the online Ruqyah session.



I attended the Dar Ul Hikmah centre during Ramadam June time. I came for a ruqiah session for an on going problem I been facing, Upon attending my first session some good progression was made more than other ruqiah places I’ve visited which was really beneficial for me. The brother who dealt with me was experienced and had good knowledge in his field. I would visit again if visiting London!

Haris - Birmingham

If you’re looking for an authentic Ruqya service then Dar-Ul-Hikmah is definitely the place to go. The brother there is genuine and humble and provides an excellent service. He is readily available and provides continuous support throughout. He provides comprehensive answers to any questions you may have about your Ruqya treatment with access to Ruqya resources.
The range of natural products available at Dar-Ul-Hikmah are second to none. Excellent quality and detailed information on how best to use the products are provided. I highly recommend this place.

Umm Mohammad, London

Alhumdulilah we had a great experience with Darul Hikmah, with Allah Tala’s help and their hard work has helped all my family. May Allah Tala give them barakah in their rizq. Aameen

Umm Uthman

I know brother Mohamed since 2012 when I had my first Hijama done and since then i am regularly visiting him. I feel so relax and light during my Hijama especially when brother Mohamed recites Quran or do a Ruqia audio while I am on cups. I can not explain how great and happy I feel after Hijama as it relieves me from in and out and I feel like back to life. JazakAllah bro Mohamed

Abdul Rasheed

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Shifa (Cure) is only from Allah alone; We are but a means.

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